Why Nail Art?

Think on this Girls!

We spend so much time and money on our face while the fact is you see your nails more often than your face (while typing, writing, cooking, working etc) so why not let your nails to instill a sense of beauty and confidence in you every time you lock your eyes with it. This played in my mind like a record one day and that’s when I went bigger on nails and nail art (I was big on it since birth).

I am a Leo and interestingly, my husband reasons my fondness for nails saying you are a lioness so you will obviously love your claws!!

why nail art quote

Well that’s my reason for Nail Art, I am passing on few to you 🙂 :

  • You can bring out your creativity on nails and can carry it around for days unlike paintings which demands exhibition to be displayed.
  • You need not be afraid to let loose the real you on your nails…..U have Acetone if you go wrong 🙂 . Unlike a wrong haircut which you have to carry for months, or side effects of experimenting cosmetics which will stain you face you just before your D day and won’t leave your side for long, or the risk of an unconventional dress which will conventionally drain your money , or an eye rolling pair of sandals which at its best will give you a pocket bite with a free shoe bite packaged in the deal and more.
  • You can mix nail paints of different colors and create endless hues of dark, light, soft, vibrant, glittery colors. This is what I call creativity. Even if you begin with just 3 complimentary colors (red, blue and yellow) + a must have of White and Black …imagine the plethora of possible colors you can give birth to….(This part is sheer joy let me tell you because you are saving money by not buying every color from rainbow and being imaginative as well). And as is truly said “Necessity is the mother of Invention”.

why nail art quote

  • Irrespective of the boundaries of your country, origin, ethnicity; you can celebrate any festival, participate for any cause, and depict any theme through your nails. You can celebrate Halloween sitting in India while you can celebrate Diwali in US, Christmas in spite of being Hindu, Winters even though there isn’t practically any temperature drop in your part of the world, Valentine’s day without having a boy friend. You see how it’s a medium of expression and mind it I am not exaggerating.

why nail art quote

  • Even Left-Overs have place in the big heart of Nail Art. Do not underestimate any color not even a left over old nail paint (even the last few drops left in bottle), it may fall shy of coloring your 10 fingers like a traditional nail paint but has the potential of conceiving shades that are absent in your inventory and blow your mind off. You can use your nail paints to the last bit while you indulge in nail art. Less is more here. 🙂
  • While more than half the globe is busy beautifying themselves with clothes, accessories, makeup, hairdo….you will stand out of the crowd with nail art. (Believe me even strangers notice my nails when I am in elevators or mall or train J ). Use nails as an Ensemble to speak more about you.

why nail art quote

  • Last but not least, do not be scared to wear what you feel on your nail. There is no right and wrong in this world, it’s just perception. And to top it up, experimenting on your nails is less expensive and risky (As you nails aren’t as sensitive as your skin).

Don’t believe me , just Google “Nail art” and click on the ‘Images’ tab on the top strip and see for yourself the endless world of nail art.

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