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Hello friends, I am Setu Rohini from Mumbai, India working with an Insurance Company as a Manager (Business Analyst). Now,few girls find solace in shopping, few in movies, few gossiping and so on. I unwind myself beautifying my hands and satisfying my creative urge with nail art! Oh, not to forget, shopping is a close second (Not a difficult guess at all!).
I love dressing up for every occasion and do my best for it because it makes me feel confident, beautiful and content. To be honest, I LLOOVEE dressing up, crazy about foot wears (believe me girls they are an investment which gives return as a perfect million dollar look when paired with the right dress), I go gaga over handbags, clutches, nail paints, rings, trying different looks, applying makeup (esp eyes), talking, shopping etc etc etc…so basically I am a Pinky Girly Girl. Although it may sound cheesy; till day my heart melts seeing pinks, mauves, peaches, laces, flowers and the likes….and I am like Aaawwwwww.
I love seeing myself in different looks and dresses; so much so that I had a secret wish to get married in all the traditional dresses of India (but to the same person of course, my husband :). I still maintain this wish and with this my secret is no longer a secret. Imagine girls, how stunning ALL Indian brides are, unparallel beauties. I also wished as a child that I was a Christian because I go bonkers about their White Wedding gowns and always thought Santa actually exists and gave away gift. But my husband helped me live the ‘Santa’ dream by stepping into Santa’s shoes and giving me a gift every Christmas.
Yes, so that pretty much describes me to all you readers.


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