Cactus Mani

Hi Girls, after a long spell of flowers on my blog, I have a desert cactus mani to share with you today. Me being me, I decided to brighten my desert cactus instead of a parched dull one.

Cactus Love Mani

I used Bornpretty Store BPA-04 Passionate Desert from their limited edition set which can be bought here. I must tell you, its a pleasing bouquet of assorted plates.

Cactus Love Mani

I wanted to make these cactus looked bright and loved. So I chose some bright contrasts and gold for advanced stamping.

Cactus Love Mani

The polishes used are El Corazon Gold, Sally Hansen Insta Dry Steal A Base and Orly Freeflow.

Cactus Love Mani

I hope you like this take on desert cactus mani.

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