Nails Inspired by Kangana Ranaut Saree

Hi friends, as evident from the post heading I am making an attempt to paint my nails inspired by Kangana Ranaut’s Outfit. And I am quite sure if you just visited my blog a little often, you would know how happy inspired nails make me. Not only is Kangana’s saree here inspiring but she herself as a person too.

Nails inspired by Kangana Ranaut

Happy as I am to find a sweet blend of doing what I love inspired by who I love. I was scrolling through some instagram feed when this beauty wrapped in a beauty caught my attention.I immediately took a screenshot. On the following weekend I painted my nails as meticulously as I could, pinning down all details and motifs from the gorgeous saree. It took close to 4 hours to finish painting these on both hands.

Nails Inspired by Kangana Ranaut Saree

One would argue that the art itself may not seem like a 4 hour job (even considering freehand painting with non dominant hand). What takes a lot of time for such mani is planning and imagination to the lowest detail. How and what and where you pull down elements from your inspiration to make the final work look as seemingly similar as possible. Also the challenge in form diverse canvas ,a few meters of cloth drawn to detail on few centimeters of nail!!

Nails Inspired by Kangana Ranaut Saree

I did paint all the details using a dotting tool and fine brushes both being from one and only bornprettystore. You need to be very confident of your paraphernalia when going on a difficult mission like detailed freehand. And I have always trusted my BPS brushes. The set I used for this work can be bought here.

Nails Inspired by Kangana Ranaut Saree

I stamped a teeny identical gold lace to mimic the border of the saree with a plate I bought from Aliexpress and clear stamper from Bornpretty store available here.. The polishes used are Essie Sunshine State of mind and Wet and Wild Black Creme. Then I did matte the whole thing with Inglot Matte Top Coat as the saree seemed to have no sheen or shine.

Well that’s my take on it, what do you guys say about it?



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