Teardrop Print Lead Light Nails

Hey girls, how are things on your side, I hope good.? All is great on this side too. I did these nails recently but have been thinking of doing something like this for may be 4 years. Don’t judge me but when your brain is full of ‘To dos’ & ‘lists’; you tend to keep missing on few items all the time.

Teardrop Print Lead Light Nails

I am glad I finally did these. I had seen a similar print on a colleague’s cushion cover few years back. It was a small off white silk-ish cushion cover with beautiful teardrop prints in pink and orange. It was so pretty and classy, I decided it then and there to do a mani on similar lines. So, after a delay of just say 4 years, here I am with the mani. lol

Teardrop Print Lead Light Nails

The base polish is Zoya Matte Velvet Aspen and stamping plate is Moyou London Explorer 07. I filled in the orange and pink with leadlight technique. The accent nail is Essence Glitz and Glam.


Prints like this are not uncommon in Indian textiles and prints. They can be easily spotted in bright color combinations on bedsheet, sarees, kurta and what not. But still look beautiful every time you look at them. I hope you like them too. Let me know what you think?

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