Florals on Red

Hello friends, how are you doing? I hope fresh and bright, like the weather. And so is my inspired mani.

Florals on Red

Lately, I realised that Red has often been an untouchable color for me. Though I claim to love ALL colors irrespective, but I guess I have been guilty of ignoring reds. I think the reason I might subconsciously loath red is because of it being utterly common in India. It is the sacred color of weddings and the weds in India, explaining an army of women dipped and drenched in red. And anything so awfully and tastelessly common repulses me.

Florals on Red

But having deeper thoughts, I decided to befriend with the ignored Red, and use it in my own classy and subtle ways. The red that made me feel differently about reds is Zoya Demetria. It’s such a pretty and unique red crème combined with my head over heels love with Zoya.

I painted some bright and vivid flowers on red, keeping the theme to be a blend of flowers from spring and bright punch from summers. When doing a freehnad mani, I trust none other than BornPrettyStore to get me just the right brushes. You buy the brushes I used from here and get 10% off with code HQBQ10.


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