Hot Air Balloon Nails with MILV Decals and some Chit Chat

Hi friends, the nail art I am sharing today is a rather old one. Old but woven with memories. I was wearing them on 30th March 2017 when I was admitted to hospital in emergency for a pre-matured delivery.

Anchor and Hot Air Baloon Nails

I remember very clearly me peeling and digging the mani waiting at doctors for my report. And eventually, the fear came true and I was admitted immediately. Even amidst all this chaos and fear, I remember I was determined of not letting nurse cut my nails before the surgery (I was supposed to have a C Section).

Anchor and Hot Air Baloon Nails

So, with tears freely flowing from my eyes, I clipped my nails not knowing what was going to happen next? Will I have a healthy baby? When will I be able to see him (because more often pre-matured babies are kept in NICU and not given to parents)? When will I be able to see my grown nails with a heart-warming mani next? Was it the end of my nail art as often people have tried to scare me? Will I be back in my body or just roam around like a bloated mass after C section delivery? And million other questions killing me!!!

Anchor and Hot Air Baloon Nails

It’s an year and I am so happy and content that I had a healthy baby inspite of the loads l of initial complications, I finally held him in my hands inspite of the delay and anxiousness of a week, I was again flaunting my long square nails with chic mani inspite of the never ending gap of 4 months, thankfully I am only 2.5 kg away from my pre-delivery weight have started getting into some of my pre-delivery clothes too inspite of horrible 6 months of feeling ashamed of my body and so on.

Anchor and Hot Air Baloon Nails

Now, what I know for sure is that eventually everything turns out great and better than expected if we just believe. I tend to get very chatty at times, but I feel strongly that blessings multiply if they are shared. Spread the faith.


Nail art details now, the base polish is Barry M Sky Blue and Zoya purity. The beautiful hot air balloon water decal is from MILV which is my favourite brand for quality and trendy decals. You can buy them here.

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