Spring Florals on Zoya Eastyn

Hello Girls, spring is drawing near and I am getting my mind hooked on to florals even more. Yet again, I have my heart throb florals for you. But whom am I kidding, it’s not the weather or spring, it’s me; just me craving for more and more florals.

Spring Florals on Zoya Eastyn

I am doing because that’s what enjoy doing. Period. The base for today’s nail art is Zoya Eastyn. It’s a beautiful neutral taupe shade from their Whisper Collection. I wore it after 2 years and pinched myself for forgetting such a delectable neutral transition color. I used acrylic paint and my favorite nail art brushes (which I guess needs replacement now 😛 )for the flowers. I did some white polka dots in between to add a little brightness.

Spring Florals on Zoya Eastyn

Oddly, I went with Essence Glitz and Glam as a topper. Now this is something I have never done.  Usually artist never use toppers over freehand nail art, why would you want to put a veil? This time I went ahead I put a delicate shiny effect topper.

Spring Florals on Zoya Eastyn

Though I was sceptical, I think the veil did make the bride beautiful. What do you girls say?



    • Setu Rohini says:

      Thanks a lot Sneha for always encouraging:)
      For now I am struggling with blogging n doing nails alone with job, home and kid. So youtube sure, when my days have 36 hours 😛 😛

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