Flowers on Wet and Wild Periwinkle Of An Eye

Hi Girls, I have a simple yet elegant nails to share with you today. It was one dull evening of boredom and unpainted nails. The only obvious color that could take me out of this blue is blue itself. Lol

Floral stampimg on Periwinkle Blue

I am a fan of cool colors, the blues and greens. They are so pacifying and calming. To do the trick here I picked Wet and Wild Periwinkle Of an Eye.

Floral stampimg on Periwinkle Blue

Oh, it was so satisfying to just watch the brush sweep through my nails and paint them blue. One Step Wonder Gel range of Wet and Wild is so glossy, shiny and succulent.As much as I wanted to just wear them on their own, I wished to do a nail art too. I chose pretty light on prints image for stamping so that I could still get a sumptuous peak of my periwinkle beneath.

Floral stampimg on Periwinkle Blue

I used Bornpretty Store plate BPL046 and stamping polish Ya Qin An for stamping. With a dotting tool, I gave a white centre to these flowers. Hope you like them.



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