Blue and Green Holo NailArt

You know sometimes, even the least of efforts gives you more than expected result. I am firm believer of ‘There are no Shortcuts in life’ . If you put your heart and time, result is sweet. However sometimes, god rewards you by giving more than you asked for. And may be this was one of those days:)

Blue and Green Nails

I finished this nail art in staright 30 minutes on both hands, starting from application to stamping to finally top coat and clean up. One thing that worked in my favour was clarity of thoughts. Usually I spend lot of time sitting on table, fiddling with polish, deciding color combinations, art work, method, finishing etc. But for this one, somehow I had everything exactly planned.

Blue and Green Nails

The polishes used are Different Dimensions Mermaid Kisses and Soak Up. Both of them are amazing bright and dazzling polishes. They were my first purchase from DD and I am blown. They are classic summer neons with lots of holographic glitters.

Blue and Green Nails

For stamping I used the latest addition to my stamping plate collection from Bornpretty Store. I was sent this plate for review. This is lovely plate for flower lovers which I definetly am. You can buy them here and get 10% off with HQBQ10 code.

BPL 046 stamping plate

The blue polish I used for stamping is from Sally Hansen Insta Dry Brisky Blue. I got these like 2 years back or even more when these created hype of being stampable on dark bases. And MDU was either not there or not shipping international. So pulling all my strings, I found a US mule and hoarded few Insta Dry polishes which stamp.

Blue and Green Nails

Little after that MDU started shipping international, needless to say I ordered them. And in the excitment I totally forgot my Insta Dry, until last week which is when I did these nails. We become so greedy for things that either we don’t need or we don’t value even. But for some unexplainable reason it is a question of life and death to hoard them. And that restless energy (greed) convinces us that once we have ‘it’, we are sorted or never need anything to complete collection. Once we get them life is pleasant for a few days and then there is a new hype, new lemming, new collection launch or a mule coming and all promises and satisfaction vanishes in thin air. Am I making sense? I am sure I am not the only one, please share your stories of maddness not leaving me feeling the worst here. lol




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