A England Crown of Thistle Swatch and Moghul Motif Nails

Hi Friends, so finally I was able to lay my hands on of my top lemmings from A England : ‘The Crown of Thistles’. Every time I would want to order it, this would be mysteriosuly Out of Stock, like seriously? First of all being in India, I am at the mercy of a mule to get my polishes from US. And when the heavens are happy and I am able to find a mule, Crown of Thistles is OOS.

A England Crown of Thistle Swatch

Anyways, after lot of hide and seek, this baby is mine. I have swatched them here for you to see why I was head over heals over this. It is an soft orchid purple scattered holographic polish. It is bright yet subtly royal.

A England Crown of Thistle Swatch

It has signature A England formula, stunning one coater. I have done two thin coats and a top coat.Isn’t it gorgeous?

Moghul Motif Nails

To match the royal gleam and color of the polish, I tried doing some freehand Moghul Motifs. It was a random thought but I liked the idea and the marraige of design & polish.

Moghul Motif Nails

The drawing is with white acrylic paints and BPS Nail art brushes. You can buy these brushes here, here and here and get 10% off with coupon code HQBQ10.Over the arch type designs I added iridescent white hexes to give it a rich look. What do you girls think?


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