Antique Filigree on Picture Polish Ornate

Hello Girls, I am swatching Picture Polish Ornate today along with a nail art that is no less classy the Ornate itself. It is a collaboration shade with ‘A Lacquered Affair’. It is a warm mute plum crelly with lots of gold, bronze hexes and glitters. It also has magenta hexes which makes this polish even more adorable.


In Artficial Light

The formula is classic PP, two coats and a top coat. It exudes richness and royalty both in the bottle and on the nails. It looks different when viewed in different light. When I clicked in articial light it looked darker dusty muted plum, maybe a little taupe too.


In Sunlight

But when I clicked the next day in sunlight, the color like blossomed to a much lively plum purple. It looked amazing both ways. So how and where you click, will determine what you see.


Having said how royal yet classy the polish is, I had to think of a nail art with no less status. Initially I thought stamping with Gold, which will be best and bright. But it’s a no brainer right?


When I closely looked at my nails they looked like an antique peice of beauty. So I picked up a lovely filigree image from BPL016 , which is my most used stamping plate. I don’t know how many times I keep coming back to it. You can buy it here and enjoy a 10% off with code HQBQ10.


I wanted the mani to look a royal antique beauty. For stamping I used MDU Caramel, it just looked as soft and rich. The nails looked exactly how I wanted, a peice of beauty and class. What do you say?

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