Christmas-y Floral Swirls Mani

Hi Girls, although I did not plan is not a christmas mani per say but I chose christmas colors considering the mood around. I recently got Creative Shop Stamping Plate 30 and it’s a beautiful collection of lovely images.Christmas-y Floral Swirls Mani

The first image that caught my fancy was this one with small flowers in swirl pattern. My initial plan was to make a decal out of it but later I had thoughts for Lead Light technique.

Christmas-y Floral Swirls Mani

I made a base of Zoya Aspen which a lovely shimmery frozen matte white. It just looks like sparkly snow. The colors are filled in with Lead Light technique.

Christmas-y Floral Swirls Mani

Overall, they did not turn out to be as spectacular as I thought they would be. But decently pretty, what do you say?

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