Bright Contrast Double Stamping Nails

Hello Fellas, I know its not the right kind of weather to flaunt Neons and Brights. But frankly I have never cared about weather or surroundings. All I care about is my mood and what I want to rock on nails. And seeing intense sun on a off day noon, there was nothing less than a neon that I desired to wear.


So I took my happiest polishes from Orly. I started with applying Orly Key Lime Twist as a base. Its a delicious smooth lime neon.I mean it’s not an In Your Face Neon, shying away all other colors. Its a luscious subtle version neon, blending into any color and design seamlessly.


All who have been reading my blog/Instagram know that I have never ever ever attempted a Water Marble. I am too scared of failing and wasting so much polish irrespective. Having said that, I still love watermarble nails, specially if it paired with some other technique ex- Vinyls, stamping or freehand.


But lack of any traces of Water Marble skill whatsoever, I have always missed that side of fun. Recently, I was sent a cool collection of Bornpretty stamping plates and it had this cool water marble plate. I used Harunouta L005 stamping plate, you can buy them here and get 10% discount with code HQBQ10.


Now, that’s what I have been waiting for. I stamped over “Key Lime Twist” with Orly brightest in your face orange neon ‘Life is a Beach’ . Its an obnoxiously distracting orange neon like mother of all neons.


On the bright fun water-marbled looking base, I stamped a negative space design from BornPretty Store BPL0024. Its is a versatile floral and leaves pattern plate that I have been using every now and then. I stamped using Konad Black and Bamm! I was in LOVE with the contrast, the happy water-marbled base and the clicks I got in my balcony. I never appreciated a free resource like sunlight till I got into nailart and realized how different and livey pics come in sunlight, ofcourse absolutely necessary for a holo.


But I see very less of sun because when I leave for work its 8am when sun is very subtle and when I am back its already moon time at 7pm. So I get excited on weekends when  I can see  Sun in its full strength and feel like swatching all my holographics at once :). Do you guys have similar lusty feeling for sun? And are you lusting over my mani, because I sure am.

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