Diwali Nails

Hi Girls, I am a bit late for sharing diwali nails this time. Actually, I did my diwali nails on time but it felt cheating to not write a blog post and share it only on instagram. I know the world is moving away from reading to browsing, from stories to pictures, from feeling to just seeing. But deep down I always feel attached to blog and readers. Ofcourse it is a cost to maintain blog and lot of time and devotion. But its worth when I can express my thoughts and experiences with you as I write. I feel connected. Often, while I am doing my nails, I already start having a monologue about my nail stories and what I am gonna share with you.

Diwali Nail Art

Anyways, there is whole another long episode on my ties and feelings about blogging and betrayal of people moving to just image browsing. Β For this post lets focus on Diwali Nails.I did nails which carries both essence of diwali and matches my attire.

Diwali Nail Art

I wore a black, pink and orange dress and did nails accordingly. I did gradient of Picture Polish Wanderlust and Autumn on all nails except accent and middle. On the gradients I stamped using Harunouta L014. I picked up a small image using MDU Gold and did glitter placement on them. This made them look further royal and festive. You can buy these stamping plates here and get 10% off using code HQBQ10 .

Diwali Nail Art

On the other two nails I applied Sinful Colors Black Out. To bring both the colors of my dress and tradition together I painted orange and pink diya. Again not leaving behind glamour and festivity, I did some glitter placement here too. The brushes I used from Bornprettystore (like it’s any news) . I have a host of brushes from Bornpretty and trust them totally for my freehand work. This particular set of 3 fine liner brushes can be bought here.

Diwali Nail Art

After finishing the nail art I top coated it with HK Girl. Since I am at my moms place so I am getting sunlight clicks these days. So, what do you say about my nails art. I am thoroughly satisfied, how about you?


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