Purple and Bronze Rendezvous

Hello Beauties, How are you? I am quite satisfied with the nail art I am gonna share with you today. This is a stamping mani indeed but I improvised the placement of images to have some fun. I did not want the full nail stamping because that’s so routine. I went with partial stamping cutting some planned patterns at places.

Purple and Bronze Rendezvous

The lovely image is NicoleDiary stamping plate which I have got for review. The stamping plates are square in shape (like recent Bundle Monster Sets). Few of them are buffet patterns while other one’s has individual (5-6) patterns placed adjacent. The images are well etched so stamped images come out bold and crisp.

Purple and Bronze Rendezvous

I chose one of my favourite Indie ‘Witchling’ from Alanna Renne (Aussie Indie Brand). It is a gorgeous Aubergine crelly with lovely blue, orange, red and gold hexes. It looks so royal and majestic.The stamping plate is ND 105.

Purple and Bronze Rendezvous

I sure wanted to use a not so general looking color for stamping, so went with MDU Copper. It’s such an opaque and brilliant stamping polish. While placing the image I used Scotch Tape at various places strategically before stamping so that I could form a pattern.

Purple and Bronze Rendezvous

The nail art looked different from a run of the mill whole nail stamping. To further bedazzle my nails, I took my nail accessory kit and carefully took out tiny copper circles and mini rhinestones. I got them from Bornprettystore. They are amazing, different and edgy. I love BPS nail charms and accessories. And look how true I am. I took a little offbeat step to draw out a half flower to counter the rhombus. And I think they paired well.

Purple and Bronze Rendezvous Macro

Macro Shot

I have tried capturing the beauty of the base polish, stunning bronze stamping polish, the rhinestones and image crispness in the Macro above. Tell me how you find the macro and the nail art as well. You can buy these stamping plates at Amazon & AliExpress. Also if you use the coupon code Se2016, they will send along a small gift to you along with the order.



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