Tiny Flowers on my Nails

I am back with another nail art from the ‘Inspired Series’ as promised. So this may be the fifth nail art for the series and I am already addicted to this frenzy. It’s so much fun, that I don’t want this to stop. Today’s work is an inspiration by the Flower Queen (that’s what I like to call her) Annabel from IG@Followthatway.

Tiny Flowers on my Nails Collage
I admire her flawless flower romance on her nails. Almost all her work has something to do with flowers and she does it so meticulously. I have always been awwed by her roses and how she pairs up other random flowers almost looking like a bouquet. Man, I need to learn it from her.

Tiny Flowers on my Nails
I have tried to get a bouquet of tiny colourful flowers on my nails today. Not sure where I stand as far inspiration is concerned because her florals shy all florals.

Tiny Flowers on my Nails
But the nail art turned out decent. I have been a Fan of florals since time immemorial. And nothing beats a good freehand floral nails.

Tiny Flowers on my Nails
The polishes used are Fun Lacquer ‘SuperStar’ and Colorclun “Look Don’t Tusk’. BornPretty Store detailer brush to draw all flowers. The brush is superb and I am huge fan of them. You can buy them here and get a 10% off using code HQBQ10.


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