Fresh Forest Spring Nails

Hi Girls, I am in a great mood today because of the nail art I am sharing today. I executed it fairly well and I got good clicks too after long. The weather of Mumbai is very unpredictable these days. It’s cloudy in the morning when I try to click before leaving for work, so pictures tend to come dark and gloomy. The only other opportunity I have is lunch time but the sun is super scorching so pictures come with harsh shadows and blaring light also kills details. But today I got a good shot on a cloudy morning.

Fresh Forest Spring Nails

I have been feeling so spring and amidst forest greenery with the base polish I have been wearing. The freshness and sparkle of this green reminded me categorically of the gloss and colour of a new leaf. It’s a very soothing new leaf green. It’s a green holographic polish from Krizia (upcoming Indian Indie Brand).

Krizia Tinker Bell Swatch

In Direct Artificial Light

Krizia Tinker Bell Swatch

In Natural Light

It’s really gorgeous and blingy. It sparkles mostly green, gold and blue at times. I am very happy and impressed with the color, holo effect and formula. And at the end of the day, it’s an immense satisfaction that finally we have a worthy holo from India.

Krizia Tinker Bell Polish Macro

Coming back to nail art, I did something near to Cherry Blossoms. I wanted to draw random spring blossoms with of flowers peeping through the greenery of plush green forests.

Fresh Forest Spring Nails

All the flowers are freehand with acrylic paints. And after long I used my Pure Color Brush 09 and 10. I wonder why I stopped using them in first place.

Fresh Forest Spring Nails

In the beginning when I clicked pictures in direct light to get holo effect of base too, the pics came very sparky. So much so that they overpowered my poor flowers which I drew with so much effort. But when a cloudy morning like this gave me a clear shot, it delighted me.

Fresh Forest Spring Nails Macro

I even took a macro of these. I am a little macro obsessed these days. Although now I think, macros of florals aren’t a good idea because flowers or nature is never symmetrical; the beauty doesn’t lie at all in the designs. The beauty lies in the illusion that they create. They look pretty because they are viewed together, a picture as a whole. When you sit to examine every element they barely look like what they reflect in totality.

Anyways, I have spoken a lot for a post and I may be digressing on a philosophical note if I continue writing even a word So I leave you in lush green forest with fresh spring blossoms.





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