Sunset in Forest NailArt

Hello Girls, How are you and how is the summer treating you? I am so far so good. Summer is tolerable in Mumbai. The only change I feel is in my color choices. I am drawn to brighter and bolder shades. Even if my body denies, my nails sure want to feel summer. With that, I have summer sunset nails today for you.

Sunset in Forest Nails

The caveat is, it looks only half pretty in these pictures as it did to naked eyes. I am not kidding, you gotto believe me. It looked magical and bright sunset on my nails. But just before clicking pics I realised, my maid had broken one of the lights of my lighthouse accidently. Now I had to click at the mercy of one light only.

Sunset in Forest Nails

And it was already evening so I couldn’t even run for natural light click. Demotivated and dejected, I tried to click with whatever resources I had. Trust me it looked so pretty than it is in pics.

Sunset in Forest Nails Macro

Inspite of the crappy pics, I got an amazing Macro. I can say one of first successful macro. It looks so vibrant. Anyways, I am talking a lot today and not giving any info on the mani. So here it is, I did this nailart for ClaireStelle May Challenge: Day 7.

Sunset in Forest Nails

I wanted to do a Forest sunset which to me is sun setting behind mountains, birds on tress, animals returning in glowing sunset background. So I mixed in a lot of colors for the sunset background. The base is a gradient of China Glaze That’s Shore Bright, Orly Beach Cruiser, Orly Summer Sunset and Orly FreeStyle. They looked bright and pretty together. But I needed the sunset glow so I did a top coat with Barry M Limited Edition Holo Glitter Topper.

Sunset in Forest Nails

I have used a host of stamping plates like I did with polishes. I used BP45, BP 16 from BornprettyStore and BMS167 and BM S163. Pheww! It took long to conceive the design and implement it. But at the end, is it worth girls?

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