Blue and Silver Nails

Hi Friends, today I have a simple yet pretty nail art to share with you. I had just got a polish parcel from Nailsupplies that my friend carried for me from US. I was swatching polishes frantically on my swatch wheel because I had ordered so many polishes. Just while swatching I thought let me let try out some colours on my nails too. And that is when I did these.

Blue and Silver Nails

I am crushing on Orly past some months now so my every order necessarily has lots of Orlys. I am trying out Orly Indie today and Orly Mirrorball that my friend ordered. But since I had both of our polishes, I took liberty of applying Mirroball even though it’s not mine.LOL. The stamping plate is from UberChic Set 03-02.

Blue and Silver Nails

Indie was difficult to capture on camera because it looked a different muddy blue in lighthouse pics. If I turned on the flash/under direct light it looked electric blue again not close to what it actually is. This is the closest I could get. After swatching and using so many Orly I feel there is some thing in Orly Blue &Greens, they are just never captured correctly on camera. But this doesn’t make them look any less pretty. Which are your favourite Orly Polishes and do you also feel the pinch in capturing their blues and greens?


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