Dazzling Purple Nails

Hello Peeps, I am feeling great sharing this nail art for you. I tried out something new and it turned out great. For those who have been following my blog or seeing my nail art, they know I barely use a purple polish. It’s my least favourite color for no reason. I don’t hate any colors but few colors are less loved. I always have a knot in my head that purple doesn’t suit me. I am good with darker shades of purple which are more aubergine in hue. So here I befriended the purple and I loved it.

Dazzling Purple Nails

The polish is ‘Thats shore Bright’ from China Glaze which had been lying virgin for 6 months. I got them with lot of hope that if not regular, may be a neon-er version of purple will make me fall with it. But it lied unloved, ignored for 6 months until one morning a wore a purple shirt and was nude nails. So I thought why not apply a purple matching polish. Now just FYI I barely own any purple clothes either since I don’t adore that colour. So why not pair two unloved combos (purple shirt and polish).

Purple Dazzle Nail Art 2

And man, the polish nailed it matching my top to glory and making my hands look so pretty. I kept on saying myself the entire day, why the hell I never tried it before? At the end of the day I decided to a nail art on it. And since I had gained confidence with purple being my pet during the day, I thought of experimenting more. So I decided to a make a stamping decal using LotusMat which also had been a nightmare because I just couldn’t get my decal off it ever. So I just wrapped it and put it top shelf of my nail rack, where I stack extras(which means, I am never gonna see you again :P).

Dazzling Purple Nails

With Jungle Nail Art being a success, I pulled LotusMat down and kept with regular supplies(which is like revival). Now it was time for the second hit. So I took out QA-28 which has lovely images but never used them because only a decal (advanced stamping) could justify its beauty. So this was the perfect occasion.

Dazzling Purple Nails

For the decal I used ‘Art of Sparkle’ from Fun Lacquer. It’s such an amazing ultra holo, its distractingly blingy. I used it to colour the decals and I so loved it. Finally I sponged the tips of my other nails with this polish. And on my pointer wore; ‘Art of Sparkle’ all on its own with a neon purple stud. I am crushing on this right now, how about you?


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