Nails Matching My Dress

Hello Girls, today I present you the kind of nail art that makes me happy. For those who have been reading my blog, you know how much I love doing ‘inspired nails’. I am the merriest if I can find inspiration to my designs from things surrounding me. The nail art today is inspired by my Bandhani Print Dress.

Bandhani Print Nails inspired by my Dress


Now if I have to tell you (which I always love) the actual turn of events that led to this nail art; don’t think I am mad. On Sunday I went shopping for my husband and it was only meant to be my husband’s shopping. However, I am clueless on how I ended up buying 2 Jackets (after winter has passed by), 2 Tops , 1 Tunic Dress , 1 Palazzo pants and 2 Foot Wears!! Excited as always, I wanted to try the pink foot wear immediately to work on Monday.

Nails Matching My Dress

So after lot of analysis, I pulled a dress from my wardrobe which will exactly match the foot wear. It was already 9 at night. And I had to change my polish anyways so I thought why wear a matching one. Since Orly Freeflow was yet unused and matching my dress, so I quickly pulled it out and applied it.

Nails Matching My Dress

After dinner and polish, just before I was thinking of hitting the bed; I said to myself since I have taken this much effort let me do a nail art to go with my dress too. I was in no mood to do a freehand so I started hunting ferociously a descent plate. Little did I know that I would find an exact print to match my dress.

Nails Matching My Dress

After franatic searching I laid my hands on Uber Chic 03-02. The design matched the print so well. I immediately removed Orly Freeflow from 2 fingers and applied NYX Banana. The stamping polishes are Mundo De Unas ‘Yellow’ and Qa Ya Yin from BornPretty Store (#22). By the time I applied top coat on them for finishing; I was in love with the nail art. Specially, how it looked like a piece of my dress wrapped around my nails. What do you think girls? Did I succeed?


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