LuxaDerme Gloves – Hand Spa Review

Hello Girls, I have an interesting Product Review for you today. In the clutter of numerous skincare products that claim to re-incarnate your face and skin; I have a product that promises something for hands. Yes, being a nail blogger the wellbeing of my hands and nails is of acute importance to me. I was contacted for LuxaDerme Hand Hydration Glove review and I said yes in no time.

Luxa Derme Gloves - Hand Spa Review

This is the time of the year when the weather is dry and your hands suffer worst. Trust me they become more dry and lifeless as opposed any other body part because we bathe only once (atleast in winters) but we wash out hands multiple number of time which strips off the moisture and makes them dull. Lot of my nail blogger friends had this concern, as for us hands are what we show off.

The following is what the Company Claims on ‘Deep Moisturizing Treatment – Hand Hydration Gloves’.

Luxa Derme Gloves - Hand Spa Review

Retail Price : Rs 200, available on various portals like SnapDeal.


Now let’s proceed to Instructions for Usage

Luxa Derme Gloves - Hand Spa Review

The moment I opened the entire packing I found a thin pair of gloves which claimed to have the elixir serum for hands. I could also smell a refreshing fragrance which I guess was of Eucalyptus oil coming from gloves. The fragrance just made me feel ‘At Spa’. Holding gloves in my hands I said to myself, the gloves are so thin that there will be barely any serum. I gradually moved my hands in glove and sealed them from sides with the help of adhesive patches provided within. To my surprise there was so much serum that it felt very slimy inside in the beginning. But later it settled down.

Luxa Derme Gloves - Hand Spa Review

I was thinking I won’t be use my hands for next 30 minutes. But the gloves were tightly sealed just like any other gloves so you can easily push & hold things. Yes, you cannot tame a touch phone obviously. After 25 minutes when I removed the gloves, I had all white translucent serum over my hands and the prominent fragrance. I enjoyed the fragrance . The instructions suggest rubbing the serum on your hands and nails instead of washing or wiping. So I did the same. In no time the serum vanished leaving my hands fragrant, soft and deeply hydrated. It did not leave slippery feel at all, which I feared. As I hate butter fingers. There was no need to wash hands either.

Luxa Derme Gloves - Hand Spa Review

My hands and cuticles felt so nourished and fresh. It deeply moisturised and left a supple feeling. I specifically wore a nail art before this spa because I wanted to test adverse effect if any, on the underlying nail art. And it did not spoil the nail art a bit. So I can say it’s safe to use these gloves even after a mani .

Final Verdict: I would totally recommend these. For Rs 200 it’s worth every penny to try them.



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