Nails for My Sister’s Wedding

Today let me begin the post by a sweet announcement. My younger sister whom I have often referred to as a ‘Tom Boy’ in lots of previous post tied knot on 09th December 2015 with her soulmate. So my little sister isn’t so little anymore. And I did these nails at the commencement of Pre-wedding functions to set the mood.

Wedding Nails for My Sister

My sister was very happy with my nails. I wanted to do them for her too, but on the D Day we all got too busy and these images wouldn’t match her dress. So we dropped it.

Wedding Nails for My Sister

But I gracefully flaunted them in some of the functions and got compliments. The base is a gradient of NYX Banana and Salon Perfect Traffic Cone. The images are from Nail Matinee- Stamping Plate‘NM02’ and stamping polish is also from the same brand. Doesn’t it seem so wedding? Would you love not to wear them for a wedding?

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