Tiger Nails

Good Morning Girls, I am finally picking up pace and trying to use images from my forgotten stamping plates. I am talking about the images which make you swoon and convince yourself to buy the entire set, just because you wanted that one image. But once you acquire the set, all good reasons to buy the plate goes outside the window. Please don’t judge me; I am majority of us do that!!

Tiger Nails
On that note, I used BM CYO 2014 plate set which I bought because I loved the image of Tiger Stripe but never used it till now. Also to lower my guilt quotient I used another untouched beauty – Zoya Pixie Dust Solange for this nailart. How could I miss using these for an year is the question I am asking myself!

Tiger Nails

I wanted to do more for the base of Tiger nails but Zoya Solange just looked so complete that I just survived a simple stamping. What do you think?



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