FreeHand Paisley and BornPretty Store Nail Art Brush Review

Hi Girls, How are you doing? After a long spell of stamping nails, I am eventually indulging in some freehand. Freehand is my first love but sometimes there is a phase when I only feel like doing stamping. This especially happens when I participate in some Challenge.

FreeHand Paisely Nails

But I ended up doing some freehand for ‘Paisley’ theme of Wnac2015 Challenge. The reason and sole motivation was my new Liner brush I got from BornPrettyStore for review.

FreeHand Paisely Nails

I am a sucker for good liner/detailing brushes. I have been browsing some promising brushes at BPS for some time, but was not sure if Nail Art Brushes are there forte. Last time I thought of testing the water. And I am really impressed. I am not saying this because I got them for review but I truly liked it. I have been using Pure Color Brush 09/10 till now (apart from the fleet of other fine brushes that I collected for so many years). I have a good collection of fine/detailer and striping brushes. And this brush definably makes to my Top 2 or Top 3.

FreeHand Paisely Nails

The brush has just the right amount of bristles/hair which is neither too fine nor too thick which is ideal for lining and detailing as well. The weight of the brush gives you some required hold and steadiness to set your hands on your work. Most of my other brushes are feather weight. I have used this brush for 3 different nail art till now and I do not see any hair splitting up. Also what I enjoyed about this brush is its exquisite look, pink in colour with sturdy cap and lots of crystals.

BPS Liner Brush

The brush is sold by BPS here at roughly 6 usd. You can get a 10% discount if you use coupon code HQBQ10. If you are looking for a good brush which is decently priced and offers free international shipping, you should consider this.

FreeHand Paisely Nails

For this nail art I did a gradient of Salon Perfect Flamingo Flair and El Corazon Neon Matte. I wanted some holo glitters as a topper so I used my favourite Barry M glitter topper from their LE Anniversary Collection. Using black acrylic paints and the brush mentioned above I did the Paisley.

FreeHand Paisely Nails in Black Light

The nail art looks just half as pretty in pictures. In pictures they looked double fab.

FreeHand Paisely Nails in Black Light

They looked so great in black light, I could not help gazing at them. I want to be modest yet I wish to just say that I am impressed with all three: My Nail Art, The brush and black light clicks. What is your favourite?


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