Pink Filigree Nails

Hi Friends, I am yet not back to feeling myself. My mind is void of any ideas and motivation. I just feel perpetually tired. Pheww! I don’t know what’s wrong; may be just the changing weather. Anyways, I am trying to survive this period hoping for a highly motivated and fertile brain days ahead. But there is nothing that a bright pink can’t fix or better. Going by the same traditional philosophy, I picked up bright neon pink to lift up my mood.

Pink Filigree Nails The base is Kaleidoscope Neon Pink from El Corazon. I sponged some holo pink and silver glitter polish on the tips of my nails. Only cream pink made the base look flat and predictable. So I added some blingy elements. But now I think it may not have been the best call.

Pink Filigree Nails

Anyways, going ahead I stamped the base with Bundle Monster Secret Garden plate and Mundo De Unas Fiji. I love the Bundle Monster Secret Collection plates. They are so feminine and floral. I had won it in Valentine Days Contest.

Pink Filigree Nails

And then I finished my nails with Seche , Of course. Over all my nails looked pretty and happy and pink ofcourse. How do you find them? Does pink lift up your mood too?

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