Colorful Poppies on my Nails

Hello Girls, How are you doing? I have been able to rekindle my love with freehand these days. I am shocked why out grew freehand, I just love it at heart. And now that I am again hitched to freehand, I feel stamping is silly. Oh God!!Give me a fair and flair for both. Anyways, I did these poppies on my nails last weekend.

Colorful Poppies on my Nails

I was blank after I applied the base- OPI My Vampire is a Buff. Ideas were zooming in my mind with lightening speed but seemed good enough to settle down.

Colorful Poppies on my NailsI was going from scenery to birds to Aztec to doodles and what not. But finally I got stuck where most girls do, Florals. But this was not the end of my mental misery.

Colorful Poppies on my Nails

Now I was thinking yeah flowers, but which ones?? I just picked up my brush and started painting hoping my heart will guide me and I stopped at Poppies. I had been wanting to do poppies forever but not like these. I wanted to do traditional bright red poppies on white base. Well, I will be doing them someday, for now I did this lively colourful poppies and a couple of other flowers on my nails.

Colorful Poppies on my Nails

I will not say it was easy because even though floral per say aren’t difficult but making them look real and getting swirls and effect is difficult. Over the period of time I am learning and gaining confidence in it. The technique involves some nuances of watercolour painting too to get some natural blending swirls. I did all freehand with BornPretty Store Acrylic Paints that I had been sent for consideration. You can buy them here and use my coupon code HQBQ10 to get 10% off sitewide.

Acrylic Paints from BPS

I am in love with my own nails. I couldn’t stop gazing at my own nails. I think the poppies came out well and who doesn’t love florals. Please let me know in your comments if you also feel the same.

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