Sparky Fish Fin Nail Art

You know how sometimes, we have very high expectations from ourselves and we end up disappointed even with a decent work. Just because the benchmark was high, a decent work also gets slaughtered with repulse. It happens to me very often and in such cases I end up never sharing my work with anyone. They just die a peaceful death in my Phone Memory. But this time, I happened to show it to my nail buddies. And they seemed to like it surprisingly. So I thought maybe this is not as bad. I wanted to do a stunning high contrast nail art and this is the not so successful outcome.Sparky Fish Fin Nail Art
So when my Nail Buddies told me that these look pretty, I thought maybe it is time to revive them from phone memory and present these to the world. I am still not very confident but still I thought, let’s give it a shot maybe you will like it too. I am not very neat with Vinyls but I am getting better these days.

Sparky Fish Fin Nail Art
The base polish is Essence Color and Go – The Boy Next Door which is a stunning sparky royal blue. Over it I applied vinyls and sponged NewU Bronzy Brown (which is a silver polish). Now I wanted it to be blingy so I sponged again with Starilly Ultima. After this I carefully pulled off the Vinyls and finished with the top coat.

Sparky Fish Fin Nail Art
I truly had something prettier in my mind and I am not sure what happened in between my mental image of this nail art and actual. But now this is what I got. I would not say it is bad but disappointing. What do you girls feel?



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