Colourful Lead Light Fish Nail Art

Colourful Lead Light Fish Nail ArtHi Girls, I am very excited to share a happy and colourful nail art today. I might have mentioned in my previous post how desperate I have been for a good lot of sheer tints even after lots of failed/passed experiments. Eventually when I tried Glass Paints, my thrust was satiated. And now I just love the “LeadLight”.

Colourful Lead Light Fish Nail Art

I am participating in the OMD3 Challenge with all my might. Obviously I cannot commit to a nail art a day but I am trying to make my presence twice a week. Remember, we had a post on challenges and its pros & cons? I found this challenge constructive in that way, except that it asks for a daily participation.

Colourful Lead Light Fish Nail Art
I forgot to mention in my previous discussion, the intention to participate also matters a lot to evaluate what you get out of a challenge. How strongly are you willing to learn, participate and enjoy? I have all the intention to have fun and do more.

Colourful Lead Light Fish Nail ArtFor this nail art I used Envy White base. I wanted some blue waves beneath my fishes so I stamped some wave pattern with Nail Matinee Light Blue stamping polish. Now I could have used a darker blue for waves to be more prominent. But then, there was a good chance dark wave killing the phunk of the fishes. So I decided to take the risk.

Colourful Lead Light Fish Nail Art

I did a coat of Essence Pixie Dust which is a duo-chrome/holo kind topper so that the lustre of the sea beneath is present. I stamped cute fishes from BPS Plate 66. You can buy the plate here and get 10% discount sitewide on using coupon code HQBQ10. It is such an adorable plate and I so love the fishes in them. Over the fishes I used Glass Paint for Leadlight. I am so impressed with it.

BPS Fish Plate 66

I am really happy with the end result. The fishes are so colourful and lively, it feels like I am peeping into a colourful aquarium. Do you feel the same? Let me know your thoughts on it leaving comment below.


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