Gold and Black Nail Art

Hello Sunshines, how have you been? I hope all good and sparky. You remember I swatched King Midas from Starrily some time back and had gone gaga over it. Today I did a simple nail art over it

Gold and Black Nail ArtAlso this is my first time with vinyls so be kind to me. I used to think vinyls just work like charm and are super easy to use. But when I used one I knew it’s tricky.From how you pull it out of the sheet to how you place it on nails and then how apply polish to how you pull out the vinyl, there is a whole lot of calculation. I do not mean to scare you because it is scary in no way. All I intend to say is that like any other technique you will master it with time.

Gold and Black Nail Art
It just doesn’t come ‘like that’, what I had imagined in my fairy dream, my bad!. Anyways I got these decals from @LouitYourself. The delivery was quick and perfect. We exchanged few emails also till the time I was comfortable with vinyls and delivery. She is very sweet and calmed all my concerns or apprehensions.

Gold and Black Nail Art

I have got a whole lot of vinyls now which I will be using in the nail arts to come. What I am not sure is how long you have to put up with an amateur vinyl nail art? LOL. But I will try is what I can promise. Let me know if any of you know any tricks or cautions on using vinyls. On my own I think I suck. What do you say about my first attempt?

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