Summer Turquoise Nails inspired by Satya Paul Saree

Hello Cupcakes, how are you doing? I hope great. As I have already mentioned countless number of times, I love doing nails inspired by something, and that something is just anything beautiful. I have done nail arts inspired by dress, flower vase, curtain, quilt, painting, designers dress and what not. And each time I happen to like it even more. So today I am presenting nails I did inspired by a Saree designed by none other than SatyaPaul.

Summer Turquoise Nails inspired by Satya Paul Saree

I just love what he does; they are designer yet wears yet appeal to masses. What I mean to say is, he picks out prints and colors that not only set fire on ramp but can set fire on streets too. One of such designs is of this saree. It is so fresh and spring. I love the turquoise color and gradient. And as if anything could make it more beautiful, he added flowers.

Summer Turquoise Nails inspired by Satya Paul Saree

I had saved the image of this saree for like 2 months on my phone and I so wanted to do it. I fell for it the moment I saw it on their IG profile.

Summer Turquoise Nails inspired by Satya Paul Saree

Onto the nail art, I applied two coats of white base polish which is Sally Hansen White On. I love this white, it’s my favorite. I did a turquoise gradient with Models Own HyperGel Turquoise. It’s my favorite turquoise polish too. It’s like in your face turquoise, bright and shiny. For the flowers I used BornPretty Store Stamping Plate BP L015. BPS is doing such an amazing job on plates these days. They are beautiful, trendy and have good etching. I have started suing them so often. You can buy them here and also get 10% off sitewide by using coupon code HQBQ10.

BornPretty Store Forest Plate BPL015

So, how do you find the nail art? Don’t you think it just looks like piece of saree. I am happy with this nail art. It is beautiful, spring and fresh.


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