Barry M Paprika with Tribal Print

Hi Girls, I got 3 new Barry M polishes in my kitty recently; thanks to my friend Manisha. I am a fan of Barry M polishes yet own a very of them (I think only 6 or 7). The new shades I have got are Barry M Mustard, Paprika and Sky Blue. It was such a difficult choice to pick only 3 polishes from the ocean of Barry M but after days brain racking we managed to pull out names of 3 polishes each. Today I am swatching and flaunting Barry M Paprika.

Barry M Paprika with Tribal Print

This is the least favourite of out of three Barry M I ordered. I will not lie, I was disappointed the moment I saw this. I was expecting it to be more of reddish brown than just brown. I am not a brown person. I have brown polishes but I rarely apply them. I feel they are sad colors and will not suit me.


However, when I applied them my negative thoughts about this polish subdued. I was not happy but not as sad too. My husband was so impressed by this color that he kept on appreciating it. When I told him this is not my color; he said if you think this is not your color you don’t know what suits you! That was quite a strong statement and it made me believe that Paprika suited me.

Barry M Paprika Swatches with Tribal Print Nail Art

It is not as reddish brown as I thought it would be but it has decent hues of red. I must say it is definitely not some run of the mill lifeless brown. It is rich, glossy and warm with hint of red. I did not want to go big with nail art on this. So I decided to do a nail art not overpowering the Paprika.

Barry M Paprika Swatches with Tribal Print Nail Art

I used OPI My Vampire is a Buff to kill the monotony of Paprika and make it look brighter. I wanted to do a simple free hand design. Now, I am always attracted to tribal prints and I had a nail art fountain pen to review from BornPrettystore. I was very curious to know how helpful would a nailart fountain pen would be? They come with 5 types of nibs and I am yet to figure out the purpose of each.

Barry M Paprika Swatches with Tribal Print Nail Art

BPS also sells ink of these fountain pens for approx 9 usd per color. I did not get any because I was sure in my mind that I will be able to find a cheaper substitute here. I saw lots of videos and read that if we thin down acrylic paint to milk consistency it can be used as a fountain pen ink. Bamm! I tried it and it worked. In the beginning I struggled with this pen, but towards the end it got friendly.

Nail Art Founatin Pen

This is a great tool which gives you greater control than brushes and fine lines too. Yes, you will need to get friendly with it but it’s not a long process. And it is worth. You can buy them here at around $9 and also get a 10% discount sitewide with coupon code HQBQ10.This is not my best freehand work, I know. But I am honestly planning to use these fountain pens more often. I think they will make free hand and outlining easy. What do you think about the pen , Barry M and my nailart?

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