Neon Vintage Decal Nails

Hello Girls, how have you been? The nail art I am sharing today was totally impulsive and unplanned. I knew I wanted to use Neon Colors on my nails but I was clueless how. I saw something on facebook and it just clicked. I did almost recreate neon nails I saw Nicky from NickyNailsLove.

Neon Vintage Decal Nails

I liked it and just went with the flow and created it. I wish I was not as impulsive as I am not completely happy with my color selection. The nail art turned out happy and bright, but it could have been better. I was meeting 3 of my nail buddies in evening and the theme was neon, so I am glad I complied with the theme.

Neon Vintage Decal Nails

This nail art is done by making Advanced Stamping Decal. I stamped the images on stamper and then filled in colors with nail polish one by one. Yes, One by one, this made it so tiring to do on all 10 nails. I made 10 decals on 10 different stampers. If you need to know how to make a decal you can check this post.

Neon Vintage Decal Nails

After filling in the colors ( Models Own Flip Flop, Salon Perfect Traffic Cone, Bloop Neon Pink and Revlon ColorStay Winning Streak), I allowed them to dry and then applied a generous layer of Clear polish. After the clear polish also dried, I used a fine tweeter to peel off the decal and placed it on my nails. Placement and cleanup of the decals is very tricky. It has to just wrap your nails correctly, while you need to get rid off all the extra part.

BPS Vintage Damask Plate

I used the stamping plate BP L016 sent to me by BornPrettyStore for review. This plate is a beautiful assortment of Vintage Damask patterns. I so love it. The etching is great too. These are some of the plates that I keep coming back to because each design is so usable. You can buy this plate here at $4.79 and also enjoy a sitewide 10% off with my coupon code HQBQ10. I hope you like the nailart.

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