Traditional Wedding Anniversary Nails

Hello Girls, how have you been? I hope bright and sparkling like the weather. As I mentioned earlier, I am hit by a bug that directs me to do only bright and summer nails these days. I think it’s the glaring sun that has done something to me. LOL. Anyways, it was my 4th Marriage Anniversary on 12th May and I did this late mani for it.

Traditional Wedding Anniversary Nails

I did try a mani from Moyou Bridal plate on 11th May, well in time for the anniversary. But when I showed it to my husband, he said instead of ‘I Do’ images and English wedding vows, I should get something near to our Hindu Wedding so we could relate more to it.

Traditional Wedding Anniversary Nails

However, we were getting late for the Surprise Candle Light- Champagne and Cake Cutting by me hubby (He thinks I was surprised, but I had a faint feeling about it already  :P). So I chucked changing my nails but did not chuck the idea.

Traditional Wedding Anniversary Nails

Now, after 3 days after Anniversary I did this. It is so close to the colors and prints of our traditional Hindu wedding. Red and Yellow are very auspicious for Hindus and are perfect color combination used for ages for all wedding attires and decoration.

Traditional Wedding Anniversary Nails

My dad and Husband both liked it. Infact, my dad said me, my mom and my sis should do such a mani for the ‘Haldi’ function (one of the rituals in Hindu wedding) of my sister scheduled this year. And I am game for it.

BPS Vintage Damask Plate

As far as the details on mani goes, the gorgeous neonish coral red base is Bloop Polish (Australian Brand I bought in Malayasia) and the Yellow polish is the bright NYX Salon Formula – Banana. The Yellow stamping Polish is from Nail Matinee, run by my friend Nisha and red is stamped with the same Bloop Polish. The stamping plate is from . They are a great mix of Damask patterns of various kinds. I intend to use so many of them. As mentioned earlier, the etching of BPS plates is good, which is the first must-have for any stamping plate, even before choosing the designs. You can buy these plates here for $ 4.79 and also enjoy a 10% off site wide with coupon code HQBQ10.

How do you find the nail art? Does it remind you a Hindu Wedding? It looks very rich and festive to me, but I would love to hear your thoughts.

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