Starilly SuperNova and BPS Stamping

Hi Beauties, how are you doing? I am fine and will be even better while you read this post because I am off for a Vacation in Malaysia. Almost all my post in April is gonna be scheduled ones, so no real time posts. Eventually, out of my pile of untried I decided swatching ‘Starilly’ SuperNova. You remember the gorgeous sparkling ‘King Midas’ from the same brand? This is the second Starilly I am gonna try.

Starilly SuperNova Swatches

It is supposed to be multi chrome polish and it does look pretty multi chrome in the bottle. But when on nails, the multi chrome effect was not very prominent. I mean it’s not that the effect was absent, it was pretty much there and one could make out. But it was nowhere close to mind blowing. It did not distract me while working which means the attraction was low, unlike its friend ‘King Midas’.

Starilly SuperNova  Swatches

The polish is extremely beautiful and gorgeous, all my friends appreciated it. But did not touch the heights a Multi-chrome should have. The colours like purple, violet, pink and gold were quite visible and noticeable. But I struggled to get the yellow green colour shift which is main ingredient for contrast in this multi-chrome. It did look like multi colour sparkling polish for sure with violet-purple-pink base. But multi chrome is supposed to be more magical.

Starilly SuperNova  Swatches

The polish is gorgeous; you won’t regret it in your stash but multi-chrome aspect kind of lacked. I was literally on my toes to get it clicked, just struggled to get yellow green. After being upset for a day over it, I decided to do some nail art over it.Anyways, the motto of our life is- ‘Do a Nail Art, and Move on”. I had a difficult time choosing the design, pattern and technique. If base is gorgeous as this, obviously the nail art has to reach that level.

BPS Image Plate

Starilly Supernova and BPS Stamping

Starilly Supernova and BPS Stamping without Studs

I swayed a long time in front my stash and plates, till I found this plate my BornPretty Store that they sent me for review. This is one of my favourite plates out of the lot. The designs are so pretty, curvy and delicate. There is a whole of stuff you can try with them- my top 3 would be Leadlight, Stamping Decal and then ofcourse traditional stamping.You can buy this plate here for 2.99 USD. And also enjoy 10% off sitewide with code HQBQ10.

Starilly SuperNova and BPS Stamping

I used this plate for stamping and the Barry M Silver foil for stamping. The image trasfer was neat and crisp, no retake. I am a sucker for decent etching and BPS nailed it.

Starilly SuperNova and BPS Stamping

Although the nail art looked pretty in itself , I went a step ahead and added gold round studs at the centre of the design. Its not that I did not have a Silver stud but the idea of silver stamping with gold stud attracted me more.

Starilly SuperNova and BPS Stamping

The nail art in all looks very classy and majestic. I am happy with plates, design and etching as far as those plates are concerned. And for strailly SuperNova I am a bit disappointed although it is extremly beautiful and gorgeous on its own. What do you guys say? Whats your take on Starrily and BPS plate or my nail art for that matter.


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