Frills Pattern Nails and BPS Stamping Plate Review

Hi Girls, I am very pleased to share my nail art today because once in a while my nail art does turn out the way I want to  😛 . Yes, this was one of those days. I had just got two Sally Hansen polishes the other day. Let me tell for all those who don’t know, Sally Hansen is my dear loved brand. I love their polishes, consistency,  brush, packing and mostly everything.

Frills Pattern Nails and BPS Stamping Plate Review

So hell bend to use my new Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear I did gradient with both of them, since I couldn’t pick one and leave one 😉 . The green I have used is Sally Hansen Green with Envy and the Blue is Blue me Away.

Frills Pattern Nails and BPS Stamping Plate Review

I did a base of Green with Envy and then gradient using both colors. However, at the tips where blue met green I feel color looks more like dark green or dark teal. Whatever it is, it makes it all the more beautiful.I used Sally Hansen Disco Ball to jazz it up. The mystic shine adds so much charm to the base, isn’t it?

Frills Pattern Nails and BPS Stamping Plate Review

But here is the real elixir to the nail art which threw life to it, the Frill design stamped over the base. It looks so classy and royal how the frills overlap each other. It looks flowy and delicate.I was provided BPS Large 003 stamping plate for review. It was very difficult to chose from their plates because each one was so pretty. But this plate had each and every design that I would have loved to stamp, so I chose it.

BornPretty Store Plate L003


Frills Pattern Nails and BPS Stamping Plate Review

This is the first time I was used BPS plate. Now, we all have known BPS for great fashionable nail art accessory but quite frankly I was not sure about the stamping plate. The heart of the stamping plate lies in the etching. And I was so relieved after using this plate that BPS nailed it.

Frills Nail Art and BPS Plate Review

My next concern from a plate is whether it will fit my nails. My nails happen to be on the longer side and no one wants a design that only covers half your nails , allowing the base peeking out of the design.I face this issue with some of the other plate designs and great brands too. This plate wiped off the concern too. The images perfectly fitted my nails, infact designs were bigger and wider than my nails. So like me, all the ladies with with longer nails who find regular images an issue, will find peace with this.If you want details and comparison on size of image for your satisfaction, my friend Manisha has done an amazing review and comparison here on here blog.

Frills Pattern Nails and BPS Stamping Plate Review

In all, I am truly impressed with every design carved on it, its etching and size. The plate had been provided to me for my honest opinion. It can be bought here for $5.99. BornPrettyStore.Com offers free shipping worldwide. You can use my coupon code HQBQ10 to get 10% off sitewide. In my opinion you should definitely go for it.Do not forget to leave comments about my nail art too 🙂


  1. Manisha says:

    Beautiful design. Love the color combo ans gradient. Thanks for mentioning me in this post. I truly love this plate and must say the new BPS plates are amazing.

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