Free Hand Floral Twin Nails

Hello Sunshines, how are you all today? I hope bright and bubbling with energy. Most of the nail art that I share here is because I did them and I want post it for you, I want to know what you think of them. There are also a few which are just ‘Okay’ , mediocre making me too embarrassed to share ; they just lie and die a natural death in the ‘Image Gallery’ folder of my mobile phone. But then there are also few nail art that I am absolutely restless to share. Nail Arts that satisfied my creativity and I can’t wait to flaunt it on my blog, like this one.

Free Hand Floral Twin Nails

I had a hunch this would turn out good because I do well with most of the ‘Inspirational Nail arts’. I think my senses and calculation is better when I am focussed and sure of what I want. My recent proud Inspirational Nail art from the part are Inspired by saree from Satya Paul and Inspired by shoes from Rupert Sanderson. However the inspiration for this was no designer but an image that came up when I searched ‘Pattern’ on Pintrest. I do not know who the owner of this image is, but I own them on my nails now 🙂

Free Hand Floral Twin Nails

I downloaded a lot of images with the intention of getting them on nails, and this is one that actually did make it to my nails. There is one more reason for this nail art to make me joyful . This is a Twin mani I did with a close nail buddy of mine- ‘Rajani’. We know each other since when we began blogging and when my blog was – ‘The Nail Art and Beauty Diaries’ and hers was – ‘Crazy world of Rajani’. Today she blogs at –‘Polished Techie’.

Free Hand Floral Twin Nails

Apart from sharing a close bond, we also share our anniversary which is 12th May and have lot in common. She has been one of my most loyal followers on blog and always manages to comment on my posts inspite of her busy schedule. So you see why I am so excited about this Twin Mani with her? We shared a lot of images and finally picked this.

Free Hand Floral Twin Nails Inspiration Picture

Also, if there is any scope to add further more happiness and motivation for this nail art, it was our new Pure Color Brushes we got. We both were equally restless to get it, when we got we were crazy use it and finally we got it and used it together here.

Free Hand Floral Twin Nails

Now, some information on my nail art: I used Sally Hansen Wet Cement for base. It was such an exact colour matching the base of pattern that I did not have to think twice. Rest of the designs are done using acrylic paints and Pure Color Brush 10. I did mix few colours to get as near to the colour of design as possible. I think I did the good job there, because if not same, the colours are definitely very near to the print of inspiration image.

Free Hand Floral Twin Nails 1

I was really not sure if I would be able to get the design correctly on my nails. This aspect of working on Inspiration manis is very challenging. Your work will always be compared with the Inspiration; hence there is an immediate and quick litmus test that your nail art is required to givAnd you either fail or pass, there is nothing in between. But here, I am assuming that I passed the test and the mani came out just fine. My husband and my friends really liked it. But I want to know if you liked this nail art. What are your views on Inspirational Nail Art? Do they help you channelize your energy and thoughts in one direction?

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