Love Thy Polish ‘Space Ghost’ Review and Nail Art

Hi Girls, How are you doing? I am trying to swatch some of untried – untouched ‘Virgin’ polishes these days as you can see. I am drenched with guilt till my neck for ignoring all of them so long. I was crazy mad to get them before and now when I have them I am not using them like crazy. But that’s how ‘Crazy’ life of polish frantic is.

Love Thy Polish 'Space Ghost' Review and Nail Art

Today I am swatching and enjoying ‘Space Ghost’ from ‘Love Thy Polish’. This was one of those polishes that was the first one to go in my cart. I love such polishes with white base and multi colour matte hexes and dots. They look so cool.

Love Thy Polish 'Space Ghost' Review and Nail Art

Price and Quantity: I bought it from Femme Fatale at 11 AUD. The quantity is 12 ml.

Love Thy Polish 'Space Ghost' Review and Nail Art

Colour and Formula : The base of the polish is white but not very dense white. It has assorted size matte hexes and dots floating in it which totally took my breath away. There are Yellow, Red, Blue, Orange, Green and Purple floaties of various shapes and sizes in it. The matte glitters or dots are totally opaque and matte in nature. They lean more towards bright neon so the contrast is bang on.

Love Thy Polish 'Space Ghost' Review and Nail Art

To get the effect pop out I used a thin coat of white polish as an undie and then two coats of ‘Space Ghost’. I did fish a bit for glitters because I wanted different colours on each nail. Otherwise it has decent glitter pay off but honestly I wanted more. You will not feel tired picking each on up but if you have colour choices be prepared for some work.

Space Ghost Filigree Stamping

Some Filigree Stamping On Space Ghost

The polish alone looks so stunning and unique that you won’t feel like stealing the show with a nail art. It is a definite ‘Head Turner’. I did get a lot of nail attention.

Overall Rating : I think this kind of polish is a must have. It’s the first indie polish one should own. Because of white base and neon matte glitters contrast the polish looks very unique. My suggestion is – ‘Grab it if you get it’ .I wish the polish was a bit opaque so that I could avoid an undie plus I wanted more floaties. So I would go with rating it 4.5/5.

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