Love Story Nails for Valentines Day

Hello Dolls, Valentines day is knocking at the door and I am having an eye sore seeing all pinks around in market, shops and whatnot. There is only place that I enjoy pink seeing as many number of times is nails. Its lovely to browse through Valentines Day Nail Art that every one has put around.I am having a visual treat. Anyways, this is the time I am doing a V Day mani and I wanted to do something different than Hearts and I Love you. So I decided on narrating a story through my nails.-“A Love Story”.

Love Story Nails for Valentines Day

The story starts from the thumb. I hope you interpret it in the same sense that I made it with. Still, I am going ahead and sharing my view.

Love Story Nails for Valentines Day


Thumb : The Thumb has a Typewriter which created this Love Story, on which the story is written. There are hearts popping out of the Typewriter as the writer writes this story.

Fore Finger : Here is the first chapter of my story, where I take you back to the time when this happened. The story tradionally begins with -‘Once Upon a Time’…..

Love Story Nails for Valentines Day 5


Middle Finger : Here is the era where the boy and the girl met. In between of a park ,amidst of tress and beautiful evening they meet. They meet, hold hands and look into each others eyes.

Accent Finger : Already madly in love with the girl, the boy proposes the girl here, by giving her his heart full of Love and Promises. If you see the heart carefully it is full of promises and Expression. It says – you and me together, take my breath away, forever love, miss you etc.

 Love Story Nails for Valentines Day

Pinky : This is where the girl is taken by boys love, promises and committment. She says ‘Yes’ and they Kiss.They get married and live happily ever after.

For the nail art I did an sponge gradient using Peach (Essence Color and Go First Romance) and Pink (Wet and Wind Crushed Pink). I think i did a good job with gradient, I love the colors and natural blending.

 Love Story Nails for Valentines Day

I really spent a lot of time browsing all my plates, trying to pick images to narrate my story. I started with Moyou Scholar Plate 02 which I used for Thumb, Fore Finger and Middle Finger. On my accent nails to make a heart full of promises I used Winstonia Second Generation Plate.On my pinky the kissing boy and girl are from Cheeky Plate- Home Sweet Home. The heart that pops out in the air while they kiss, is a separate image from Cheeky plate itself that I stamped to make the kiss look tradional and complete.

 Love Story Nails for Valentines Day

Trust me, I spent hours just to put this story together in most coherent and complete way. It was a real effort to shortlist just 5 images that make a sequential story when placed one after the other.How do you find my nail art? I am totally satisfied with it but your words will make it more enjoyable. Please do share your thoughts. Also, is my story clear? Are you able to draw out the story?


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