Valentine Syrup Gradient Nails

Hi Cupcakes, I am in good mood today. Why? Because I had an off today and I did two successful nailarts, both dedicated to Valentines Day Mood. I am not too much into Valentines Day but sometimes its good to be in festivity when everyone is celebrating.

Valentine Syrup Gradient Nails

Anyways this nailart isn’t for Valentines Day but I am pulled up it in a Valentine like mood. I tried out the Syrup Gradient for the first time and since it is February -The Valentine Month , I did it in Pink.

Valentine Syrup Gradient Nails

As I mentioned earlier I have participated in a Challenge which is all about trying New Techniques. And this is the right kind of Challenge, the type of challenge that push you to something new. And its not too much with only one theme per week. You can participate on IG by using #NailThatChallenge.

Nail That Technique Challenge

For this nailart I used Models Own Pink Veneer as the base and a DIY Sheer red Polish. Syrup Gradient is a great technique which is getting a deeper glossier gradient without sponges with help of Sheer Tints.

Valentine Syrup Nails

In the simplest words, you need to get a base color first which is Cotton Candy Pink in my case. Start painting a thin layer of Sheer Polish from the place where you want the gradient to start.So in case you want half-half gradient(two color gradient occupying almost equal space on nails) which is nothing but when we do a two color gradient nails with sponge. Now continue painting subsequent coats with sheer polish 1mm-2mm away from where the previous one. And continue doing this till you reach the end of your nails. In short this flow has to go away from your cuticles.

Valentine Syrup Gradient Nails

I don’t know if gave you clarity on Syrup Gradient or confused you even more 😉 .But my intentions were honest.

Valentine Syrup Gradient Nails

I found this gradient work literally syrupy, glossy and pretty. I think the gradient is deeper than sponging. I have kept the gradient as is because they were pretty on their own but let me what you feel.

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