Christmas Stockings and Santa Nail Art

Hi Sugars, finally its christmas time!!! And before even begining to blabber in the post, I wish all my readers a very happy and merry Christmas :). I wish you all the polishes in the world for this Christmas (What other wish could you expect from a polish alcoholic like me πŸ˜› ). As I mentioned earlier in my posts, I don’t much relate to all elements of Christmas because I don’t celebrate it. Inspite of this fact, I feel connected to Chrismas as a resultΒ of lot of blog reading and christmas nail art ofcourse :). They make me feel like living Chrsitmas.

Christmas Stocking and Santa Nail Art

Anyways there is one element of Christmas that any one can relate to; which is Santa and gifts :). So I put my socks outside every christmas in expectation of some gift :P. And this isΒ the closest memory of Christmas for me.

Christmas Stocking and Santa Nail Art

Hence I did this nail art inspired by The “Jaunty Juli“. I have always loved her freehand work, no doubt she is very talented. I had done this nail art earlier inspired by her. The way she does her nails makes it look so easy that I fall into the trap everytime. I paint my nails and pick the brush thinking, it is an hours job only. But every time I have spend double the anticipated time :P. She is so talented to do it with the wink of an eye. But for rest of us, its a hard job.

Christmas Stocking and Santa Nail Art

I have always seen her work has a lot of detailing.It truely adds to the ‘Wow’ factor and makes her work look so real.Look at the details below, you will know what I am talking about.

Christmas Stocking and Santa Nail Art

For this nail art I used Streat Wear Pink as Base.I made all the socks and bows freehand.Outlining and deatiling and desiging the socks was a task.Β My God! It took good time and patience. But I am happy the way they turned out. I am kinna impressed with myself a littleΒ :).

Christmas Stocking and Santa Nail Art

I have made few modifications in the orignal nail art at places where I felt like. I changed the thumb and added Santa and Christmas Ho Ho. To me whats the point of hanging socks if there is no Santa to drop gifts πŸ˜›


Althought the design on the thumb may not add to the beauty of the nail art but it undoubtedly completes it. And this is what I wanted. A complete Christmas feel :).Do you get the feel I am talking about? Hows nail art for you? Does it scream christmas?


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