Penguin Nail Art

Hi Girls, Its Christmas month.Even though not in Mumbai but it’s snowing for half the nail world. So this is a warm up post informing you that going by the weather and festivity, you can expect good amount of ‘Christmas’ and ‘Winters’ on my blog. I am gonna try and stick to the theme of this month as much as possible.

As mentioned earlier, neither does it snow here and nor do I celebrate Christmas but my nails would be dipped in Snow and blessed with Christmas for the coming days so that you can enjoy it.

Penguin Nail Art

Now on to nail art for today which is “Penguin Nail Art”. I did it specifically for Style Those Challenge but will be using it for other challenges too with the same theme.

I whole heartedly hate winter, it gives me shivers, jitters and fever. But as much as I hate winter, I love doing winter snowy nail art.

Penguin Nail Art

I made some Penguin Decals using Bundle Monster CYO 2013 plates. They did not transfer completely and for some reason were messy. So mostly I ended up drawing the portion which was not transferred.

Penguin Nail Art 2

I did a base using a lovely blue ‘Enchant’ polish which my friend Anita got for me. I truly thank her for it. I painted irregular Frenchs on the nail tips with white. This is portion I wanted to mark as ‘Snow Territory’. I put the decals on my nails and did random white polka dots for falling snow effect. After this I top coated my nails.

I wanted the snow in my ‘Snow Territory’ to look as real as possible, so I used flocking / velvet powder. I had been storing them for 2 years and finally I got to use them. While the top coat was still wet, I carefully masked the white French part with flocking powder.

The snow really looked real (I don’t know if that is grammatically correct but I do know its emotionally correct :P).

Penguin Nail Art

I hope you find my nails real snowy and cute. Did you feel the snow were real? Isn’t it so much fun to celebrate all festivals on your nails even when you are remotely not associated with it? Do you ever feel blessed for this liberty and the freedom to paint and celebrate causes on the nails without even pinching the real world?


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