Plaid /Tweed / Flannel Nail Art

Hi Fellas, this is not the first time I am trying a Plaid Nails but the last time I tried it was an utter failure. I posted it on blog but request you not to have a look at the horror 🙁 .Anyways, time passed by and I have evolved as an artist too.

Plaid Tweed Flannel Print Nail Art

So here is my much better version of Plaid Nails. The print is inspired by Flannel or Tweed which is there for a lots of nail art challenges.

Plaid Tweed Flannel Print Nail Art

The base color is Rimmel – Sage. Its a dusty olive green color which is perfect for such prints.


I used Maybelline Colorshow Black Out for stamping the plaids. The stamping plate I used is Moyou London Fairy Tale 13. I picked up image from the shoe.

Plaid Tweed Flannel Print Nail Art

You see the plaid pattern on the shoe, yeah I picked my plaids from there :). How do you find them?I think this is the best suited time for plaid/tweed/flannel patterns, they shout “Winters”.


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