Moustache Nail Art and Twin Nails

Hello Fellas, I have been intending to Moustache nail art for so long. I saw a lot of challenges with this theme lately. So there could not have been a better time to do this nail art :). Another beautiful coincidence is that my friend Manisha from up a ‘Moustache theme’ for our twin mani. We have been intending to do a a twin from such a long time but we remained busy with challenges, health and odd timings.

Moustache Inspiration for twin mani

Moustache Inspiration for Twin Mani

Moustache Twin Nail ARt

We both so wanted to do a Moustache nail art, that when Manisha shared a moustache pic we couldn’t resist. And within 24 hours we were up with this nail art :). Yes, that’s how excited we were :P.

Moustache Nail ARt

I used Models Own Flip Flop and Sun Hat from their ‘Polish for Tans’ collection. I am head over heels for this collection. However I own only 2 of them. Manisha got these polishes for me and many other lovely polishes and plates that I can’t thank her enough for.

Moustache Nail ARt

I used black acrylic paint for mustache. The brush I used were sent by Bornpretty Store for review. You can read the review here. Also the neon studs were sent by Bornpretty Store for review. They are so gorgeous. They added phunk to my nails. You can get them for 10% off if you use my coupon code HQBQ10.

Moustache Nail Art and Twin Nails

I love neon colors and my readers already know it. I always try to drag them to all my nail arts. And as soon as I wear them, I feel like rushing to a beach for holiday.

Moustache Nail Art and Twin Nails

Yah! not so lucky here so as I write this post, the only place I rush is my Office :(. And then my neon nails mock at me saying ‘I should have been some place else’ :P. Not that my life is treacherous but ofcourse exhausted with managing office, blog and home. But I don’t regret.

Moustache Nail Art and Twin Nails

I have consciously chosen to not leave the side of nailart however difficult life gets :). Its my passion, love and rejuvenation.

Anyways, that’s my nail art sprinkled with my story. Hope you like both 🙂


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