Fall Nail Art and BPS NailArt Brush Review

Hi Guys, Fall is round the corner and I really love the colors of fall. For some reason I could never relate to few things like ‘Halloween’. And because my heart doesn’t sync with it, my nails couldn’t . That’s the reason no halloween mani on my blog. But ‘Fall’ even though not experienced in India per say, I feel like getting drenched in it.

Fall Nail Art and BPS NailArt Brush Review

So here is my Fall Nails Art with maple and other leaf twigs. I am satisfied with a nail art after long. I am at peace now. Last few weeks have been about stamping mostly. Why not I got 9 Moyou London Plates :).

Fall Nail Art and BPS NailArt Brush Review

But my heart pulls towards free hand and nothing gives as much as creative satisfaction as a free hand :).

Fall Nail Art and BPS NailArt Brush Review

I was very confused about the base color to be used for this mani. Now, white would have been an easy pick. All colors pop up on it and it gives a nice contrast. But it would have been awfully common as well.

Fall Nail Art and BPS NailArt Brush Review

I wanted something closer to the fall, something that blends in the atmosphere of Fall rather than providing contrast.

Fall Nail Art and BPS NailArt Brush Review

So I picked up ‘ButterBear’ from Allana Renne, an Aussie Indie Polish Bran. I got from my friend Deepti who is in Australia . The color is so good and completely justifies my Fall theme. I used acrylic paints and the brush described below for all the art work.

Fall Nail Art

Also , I am so happy with the Nail Art Brush BornPretty sent me for review. Now, they are said to be a set of fine brush but they are not fine/detailing actually. So I was quite upset when I got them. I din’t use them till a month I guess, till today I decided to trim them and try.

Born Pretty Store Nail Art Brush

The handle of the brush is wooden which makes them very sturdy and makes the grip strong. As soon as I trimmed them to thin them down, I had one of the best detailing brush infront of me. I truely loved them, it is quite good for detailing and outlining as you can see.

Bornpretty Store Nail Art Brush Review

You can buy them here and also get a 10% discount sitewide with coupon code HQBQ10 :). Hope you like them and my nail art too. Please leave your feedback.


    • Setu Rohini says:

      Aww Rajani, u always have the sweetest words to say. I dont know but I dont do anything especial, just the usual care which we all do. My nails also do get chip, but I operate them by Tea Bag Method and keep them in ICU till the cracked part grows out :P. There is no secret hun that I know…had I known I would have first blown it to your ears only 🙂

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