Tie and Dye Nail Art

Hi Fellas, its practically the end of this month and I have signed up for so many challenges. I am trying a ‘Tie and Dye’ nail art for the first time today.I am not sure how it came out but I happy I attempted. See that’s what happens when you participate in a ‘sensible’ challenge or participate in a challenge ‘sensibly’:). You try so many things which you wouldn’t have otherwise.

Tie and Dye Nail Art

This is basically for STN Challenge where the theme is ‘Tie and Dye’. And I am also gonna use this for “Finnishable Challenge” theme ‘Familiar Pattern’. This is a very familiar pattern in India and also across.

Tie and Dye Nail art

I have taken inspiration from “Jaunty Juli” on how to do this nail art. There may be various ways to do this nail art but this one appealed me most, so I am gonna go with this.

Tie and Dye Nail Art

Its basically lining few favorite polishes side by side on a nail and the immediately re-apply another coat of same polish on them.Yes, the polishes will be pretty wet before second application.

Tie and Dye Nail Art

Using a thick needle end or toothpick to pull drag few strokes from inside out. By inside out, I mean from the first color inside till the last color outside.

Nail Art and Dye Nail ARt

Since the polishes are wet, they will drag and create a tie and dye like pattern. If you are still not sure watch Jaunty Juli’s video, I am sure you will get it.

Tie and Dye Nail ARt

The polishes I have used are Tip Top Creamy Orange, Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet and Tip Top Black Forest   from inside to outside.I used a tooth pick to do the dragging activity.

I liked the fact that it could be done easily and am quite satisfied with the result. Do you think I did justice to Tie and Dye? Easy can also be beautiful right and its fun to try new things? What say ?


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