Back to School Nail Art

Hi Friends, September is ‘Teachers Day’ Month so I thought why not get some school memories on my nails. There were lots of ideas that crossed my mind but I was confused. I asked my dad to chose the image for my nail art. I lined many plates with school like theme and asked him to pick one. He went with this image from Moyou Scholar Plate 02 caught my fancy.

Moyou Scholar plate 02

It was just what I had in my mind. Only a book would have been an untrue depiction of school days, as if we were always buried in books. This image had books opened and birds flying out of it. Yes, it was so appropriate to what we did in school. We would flow to our own world of imagination the moment we would open books.

Back to School Nail Art

We would spend hours in our dream land with books open to bail us out in case we are caught 🙂 . I miss those days :).

I used Models Own Blueberry Muffin for the base colour. It’s lovely and creamy. I loved the colour, faint blue colour in light. This is the lightest blue in my statsh or probably available in market. The only downside is sometimes it looks more like bright white than blue :(. I got this comment (hey! Bright white polish) from someone in office yesterday and I got upset 🙁 .

Back to School Nail Art

Nonetheless, I love this color. I used Moyou Scholar Plate 02 to get the image and stamped them with Maybelline Black Out. After stamping, the book image then seemed kinna blank to me. It was like a blank book with no words. So I took my newly acquired marker pen and drew some broken lines so that it looks like there is something written in the book 🙂

Back to School Nail Art

I would say it was a good idea. My dad also helped me in this nail art. At first I stamped the book from the wrong side i.e. the book will look inverted 🙁 . I was so upset when my dad suggested, why don’t you do random stamping with books at scattered at different places. He said when do children keep and read the book organised, they always throw it here and there. They are scattered, right! Yes, he was correct and I am glad that I took his advice.

Back to School Nail Art

I know you must be wondering, yes I torture my hubby and dad by sharing and flaunting all my polishes, plates, accessory etc. They have to go through lengthy description of each collection of plates, polish , tricks, techniques, new stores, completion , challenges and brands. I think with so much information overload, they are just a little far from doing nail art!! LOL.

Do you guys also torment your family being a polish Wikipedia?? Isn’t it very sweet of our family to be all ears everytime we have polish info diarrhoea: P


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