Vintage “Toile de Jouy” Nail Art

Hi Girls, I have pretty and vintage print decal to share with you. Now to begin with what is “Toile de Jouy” ?  It is a cotton or linen fabric characterized by monochromatic prints on a light background. So they are delicate and classy by nature.

And I got these prints as nail decals for review from “La Vita e Bella Nail Decals Shop” for review. Its a Nail Art Decal shop on Etsy and have some really tasteful vintage decals.She sent me a set of 3 decals so there are more reviews to come. I am already reviewing them late so let me hurry up and show you what I did.

Vintage "Toile de Jouy" Nail Art

Using decals is extremly easy and quick, so its a good idea to stack them for emergency (when you gotto have nailart but no time for painting/stamping).

Vintage "Toile de Jouy" Nail Art

I was really confused on which one to use and finally I settled with this one. I used Sally Hansen White on as base on accent, middle and thumb. On my pinky and fore finger I used Maybelline ColorShow Sinful Chocolate.

Vintage "Toile de Jouy" Nail Art

With white acrylic paint and pointed end of toothpick I created some small polka dots. I think this was a right move. I wore the nail art for a day without Polkas and I kept feeling that something is missing.

After these polka dots yesterday, I feel the nail art is complete now :). Also, it made the nail art more bright and cute by one notch.

Vintage "Toile de Jouy" Nail Art

I hope you like them. They are pretty and stylish. You can purchase these decals from “here ” and they ship worldwide at a very reasonable cost.

There is one downside of the decals though, they seemed not wide enough for my nails. You will not notice the gap much because it is just miss by milimeters. But still I guess they should be wider in general.

But all in all, I liked them for their uniqueness and deliacte look. Tell me how you feel about them.







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