Wet and Wild Mega Last 2% Milk Review

Hi Girls, I am in mood to share a nail paint I acquired last year, but is my top favourite till date. My travelling from US got it for me. I just saw it online and ordered for it, the name seemed unique :). I was in desparate need for a smooth glossy nude polish. They are a must have in every ones stash.

Wet and Wild Mega Last 2% Milk Review


Name :Wet and Wild Mega Last 2% Milk

Price and Quantity : Around $2.5 for 13.5 ml

Wet and Wild Mega Last 2% Milk Review

Color : The color of the polish is so true to the name “2% Milk”. It is sheer nude polish, with very natural light flesh color.It actually has a milky base.It doesn’t have any shimmers or glitters. It will compliment french manicure to T. This can also be used for nail arts on nude base. I think it looks good on its own too. On its won, it gives healthy shine and tint to nails.All the pictures taken are without top coat like I do for any polish review.

Wet and Wild Mega Last 2% Milk Review

Formula and Finish:  As I said the formula is sheer, but this is how a nude polish is. So this aspect is perfect. I can roughly say that the finish it gives is gelly like. There is a nice sheen on your nails after you apply it. The white tip of nails is partially visible even after two coats since the finish is not intented to be opaque. The application is smooth and non streaky.  This comes with a flat brush for easy application.The staying is also good, it went 5 days chip free for me :).

Wet and Wild Mega Last 2% Milk Review

Over all Rating : I am very satisfied with everything about the polish, color, finish and formula. I will give it 5/5. It is a must buy at this price if you love nude shades.


  1. Angelique says:

    I love this polish it was the first one of the brand I purchased. I love a good sheer polish and yes it is excellent a a base for nail art. This one is a keeper.

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